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Very happy with Claudia & the service. All commitments fulfilled on time.

Thank You.

Excellent service and 2nd experience in buying a car here.
Heather Morris
Very pleasant and gave us all the nec and info we needed.
Excellent service

Gil Fabular
Great service and no faults.
Very good thank you
Emanae Ferguson
Very good, covered everything i needed to know and more.
Iraria Pene
2 meke , so good
Peleni &Lyn Risati
Awesome service, great customer service, easy to speak to just great all around
Hineone Taylor
So i bought 1 car here, I still got it and am happy with it, so i returned for the good service & bought a second car. When you are taken care off well, it's hard not to come back.
Denis Beloe
Very friendly and approachable, very helpful in helping to choose a vehicle and keeping in mind what I wanted.
Tania Lee
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Address: 78 Greenwood Street, Frankton, Hamilton